Grass Fire Sparked by Hay Operation


JUNE 27, 2018



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Grass Fire Sparked by Hay Operation

Field Fire Quickly Contained with No Threat to Structures

Pleasant Hill Goshen Fire received a report of a field fire just minutes before 2 PM. Reports indicated that a tractor with a hay baler had caught fire in a field, with the fire spreading in the grass. The Fire was determined to be located off from Sunny Hill Lane in Pleasant Hill.

On arrival, units found a grass fire that was spreading in two different directions and was being pushed by the afternoon breeze. There was no immediate threat to structures but fire had spread close to a brush and forest area adjacent to the fields. Quick work from multiple crews on scene were able to contain the fire within 30 minutes.

The fire burnt an estimated 1 ½ to 2 acres of cut hay and grass seed fields as well as doing significant damage to a tractor and baling machinery. There were no reported injuries or damage to structures.

Pleasant Hill Goshen responded to the scene with 2 Chiefs, 2 brush engines and 3 tenders and were additionally assisted by Dexter Fire and South Lane County Fire. Oregon Department of Forestry provided a brush engine to the scene as well.

With the warm and dry weather, fire conditions are changing quickly. It is a great time for residents to remember that caution should be exercised with mowing and outdoor activities and care should be taken to avoid working in the afternoon hours when risk of fire becomes greatest.

Pleasant Hill Goshen Fire wishes to thank our mutual aid partners who provided assistance in extinguishing this fire.


The Pleasant Hill - Goshen Fire District, established via IGA in 2013, has 4 career staff and 50 volunteer firefighters collectively. The districts serve an approximate 45 square-mile area and responds to over 900 calls per year. Pleasant Hill - Goshen Fire work cooperatively under an operational consolidation via an Intergovermental Agreement. The districts share mutual aid agreements with fire agencies in the cities of Dexter, Lowell, South Lane County, Eugene and Springfield.

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