Operational Consolidation Improves ISO Rating - Press Release


December 27, 2017


Fire Chief Andrew Smith

(541) 747-3104


Operational Consolidation Improves ISO Rating

Team Work Pays Off

Pleasant Hill and Goshen Fire Districts are proud to announce an improvement in our Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating conducted in Spring 2017. Effective April 1, 2018 all of the Pleasant Hill and Goshen Fire Districts will receive a rating of 4/10 with all areas receiving a 4 rating within 5 road miles of a fire station. This is an improvement over the existing 5/8b and 5/10 ratings the Districts currently have. Home owners whose insurance companies refer to ISO for scoring may receive a discount in their annual home owner’s insurance premiums.

ISO graded the Fire Districts together in Spring 2017 after the Districts demonstrated the unity in our consolidation and over all “One Team” approach to operations. This working relationship has proven to pay off for the residents living in the Goshen, Pleasant Hill and Jasper areas. In response to the Fire District rating, the District intends in every way possible to continue to strive for improvements in the services we provide our community. For additional information on this rating, or to find out more about volunteering, contact us today!


The Pleasant Hill - Goshen Fire District, established via IGA in 2013, has 4 career staff and 50 volunteer firefighters collectively. The districts serve an approximate 45 square-mile area and responds to over 900 calls per year. Pleasant Hill - Goshen Fire work cooperatively under an operational consolidation via an Intergovermental Agreement. The districts share mutual aid agreements with fire agencies in the cities of Dexter, Lowell, South Lane County, Eugene and Springfield.

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