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District Welcomes Firefighter/Paramedic Garcia to their Ranks

Resulting from the Award of a 2-year SAFER Grant, Christopher Garcia will join the District as a Firefighter/Paramedic on January 27, 2017. Chris, who has both an Associates Degree in Fire Science and a Paramedic Certification will serve the Districts out of the Pleasant Hill, 19-1 Station as well as the Goshen Administrative Headquarters.

The funding for this position results from a competitive FEMA SAFER Grant in which $163,000 was awarded to Goshen Fire District to support an increase in career staff.

Goshen-Pleasant Hill Fire Districts provide emergency services to the Goshen, Pleasant Hill and Jasper Communities as part of an operational consolidation. The Districts 49 volunteers responded to 1,265 emergency calls in 2016.

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