Relationships Continue to Strengthen with Surrounding Districts

The last day of the year proved busy for Goshen-Pleasant Hill Fire Districts. With a full crew on staff at the Administrative Headquarters in Goshen, three structure fires were responded to as mutual aid with South Lane Fire District.

Two Engines and a Tender from were deployed to Cloverdale, Davisson and West Main Street in Cottage Grove to provide backup to South Lane Crews working on scene.

Recent water supply training provided valuable as crews successfully set up mobile water supplies (port-a tanks) and supplied aid to their neighboring districts.

Volunteers from Goshen-Pleasant Hill backfilled station staffing insuring local calls received immediate response as well. The recent aggressive recruiting program successfully brought Goshen Firefighting ranks to 30 volunteers and also added 3 new volunteers to Pleasant Hill’s staff.

As mixed volunteer/career departments, Goshen-Pleasant Hill Fire District, Dexter, Lowell and South Lane Fire Districts work closely together to insure their communities receive high standards of fire protection.

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