Goshen Fire Receives FEMA SAFER Grant for front-line responder.

The Goshen Rural Fire Protection District has been awarded a 2015 SAFER grant. As a primarily volunteer department, Goshen has worked hard to strengthen their recruiting and retention model, implementing a volunteer shift program, resident responder program and EMS only responder program over the last 10 years.

The SAFER Grant is intended to fund volunteer fire departments to help them increase the number of trained, “front line” firefighters available in their communities.

“We have quality, well trained responders”, said Andrew Smith, Division Chief, “however, with over 500 calls per year, our volunteers are working hard to meet the community’s needs”.

Lane Community College, Buford Park, and a large portion of I-5 and Highway 58 fall within Goshen’s protection area.

“Just this last month we’ve had 5 substantial brush fires in our district. Our volunteer response is admirable and appreciated by the community and the District”. With the natural summer increase in fire, coupled with the vehicle accidents on Highway 58 and I-5, we are constantly responding, “said Cameron Brooks, Logistics and Maintenance Lieutenant. “I think the community is accustomed to our high level of service and may not realize we rely so much on our volunteers”.

The 2-year award of $160,000 will support a full time firefighter who will focus on the District’s Logistics and Maintenance.

This is the second SAFER grant Goshen Fire District has been awarded; the first of which moved the district toward decreased response times, began a community outreach and recruitment program and helped implement volunteer shift based responders. This 2015 SAFER grant will insure the District continues to make progress toward that goal.

For information on volunteering, contact Division Chief Smith at 541.747.3104

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