Mobile home in 55 and older community in Pleasant Hill destroyed by fire Tuesday night.

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PLEASANT HILL — A resident of a mobile home park for people 55 years and older escaped injury when his manufactured home was destroyed by fire Tuesday night.

A park assistant manager has established an online funding site to help the man.

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Ken Shewell, 70, has lived in the Bella Casa Mobile Home Park on Edenvale Road for 15 years. He said he dozed off Tuesday night with a fire burning in his fireplace, and when he awoke about 9 p.m., a log had fallen out onto the floor.

Almost immediately, the mobile home was engulfed in flames, after igniting a nearby wicker basket “and then just taking off like a shot,” Shewell said.

“Luckily, I got me and my dogs out, but I lost everything I own,” Shewell said Wednesday. “I don’t have anything. I lost everything, it burnt up.”

Along with Shewell, his four dogs, one bird and a cat escaped without injury. Three other birds are unaccounted for, according to mobile home park assistant manager Karen Reimer, who said she’s hopeful that they flew away safely.

Shewell owns a fifth-wheel trailer that he can live in for the time being, Reimer said. The trailer has been moved into one of the park’s open RV spaces.

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But Shewell has 30 days to get his burned-out home out of the park space, or he’ll face paying for two lots — something he can’t afford on his fixed income.

Reimer has started a GoFundMe page for Shewell, in hopes of collecting $3,500 in donations.

The local chapter of the Red Cross helped out with immediate needs, including clothing and medications, but Shewell will need a lot more help to get his life back together, Reimer said.

“The Red Cross has been wonderful in getting him everything he needs, but it’s going to take about $3,000 to get (the mobile home) out of the park,” Reimer said.

Shewell also needs clothing, bedding and other household items, she said.

Those wishing to donate may visit

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